The People

The People

Generation Excellent is a multi-church, multi-aged choir committed to the ministry of sharing Christ with others.

Sharing the truth about who God is and what He means to them personally, through scripture, songs, skits, and testimonies, Generation eXcellent is available for concerts.

Generation eXcellent is a ministry. The members donate their time and energy to produce these excellent events! We operate on donations and gifts. Your support is gratefully appreciated.

Psalms 112:2 "His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed."

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Professionalism Not your average group.


Not your average group.

Generation Excellent strives to not only provide powerful and worshipful messages but also programs which are high quality. It is our belief that God gives each of us talents and abilities and He deserves nothing but the absolute best from us. This is our goal for each and every performance. It is our desire to bring a level of professionalism which honors our Lord and Savior.

In each performance, we use a variety of lights, sounds, and visuals to bring our message to life. It is our hope that each of these elements will captivate our audience and portray the passion we feel for our ministry.

No matter the audience, we strive to give each performance our all. Whether we perform for 10 or 1,000, each audience is precious to us and deserves the best.

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Interested in being part of Generation Excellent?

We are looking for teens, and young adults, who are homeschooled or have graduated from a homeschool, who have a genuine passion for Christ, and a love for music and/or drama.

If this sounds like a ministry you would like to be involved in, call Pam Miller at 336-877-3440 for more information and an appointment time or an audition.

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