A Memorial Day Presentation!

A Memorial Day Presentation!

Freedom. It isn't free and it never will be. Men and women from the beginning of time have fought endlessly for freedom which is endowed to us by our Creator. The people of America are no different. Since our independence was claimed, countrymen have fought to preserve the fundamental idea of freedom which stirred the hearts of our forefathers and gave them the courage to stand for what they thought was right. But this fight for freedom did not end with the Declaration of Independence, it was only the beginning. Throughout American history, the freedom of this country and its people have been threatened and it has taken a group of brave men and women to willingly stand up and fight in order preserve it. It is these groups that have allowed us to continue to be the free nation we are today.

But so many times these men and women are not given the recognition they deserve. We often forget the dangers and perils they face everyday.... for us. Although we "honor" them on days such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, how many times do we truly take a moment to remember those who fight and die so we can be free?

That is why on Memorial Day, May 30th, Generation Excellent wants to help you and your family remember and pay tribute to those who have fallen while defending our country. We also want to honor our active military, veterans, and their families for their sacrifice to our country. Through our special presentation of "The Cost of Freedom" we want to remember our nation's history, recognize some of the major wars this country has fought, and honor those who willingly serve. During the service, all active military and veterans will receive a special gift and we will also have a special time to honor the families of those who have lost loved ones in the military.

This is a very special service and we don't want you to miss it! Invite your family, friends, neighbors and community to join us as we honor our American heroes.

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