Emmanuel, God With Us

Emmanuel, God With Us

".......They shall call His name Emmanuel…….which being interpreted is, God with us." Matt. 1:23

What a promise! If you’ve ever experienced a “season of silence” from God, then you understand the magnitude of that statement. It had been over 400 years since the people of this earth had heard from God, now that’s a season of silence! Because of Jesus birth, death, and resurrection, we have the gift of God indwelling in us. However, there are many who have yet to receive that gift. I cannot imagine the hopelessness and desperation a person must feel who does not have Emmanuel in their life. The gift of God’s presence is ours for the taking. We have hope, joy, and forgiveness because of that gift. This is why we celebrate Christmas!

This is a message that everyone needs to hear and it is our desire to deliver that message to you! Come, worship, and rejoice as we present Emmanuel, God is with US!!!

Schedule this special worship service with Generation Excellent by calling Pam Miller at 336-877-3440 or email us with the link below. We have also prepared a flyer to help you share it with others!

Link: the Millers

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