The Cost of Freedom

The Cost of Freedom

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed" John 8:36

Since its birth, this nation has faced many wars; from the war that gave us freedom from a tyrannical king, to a war which seek s to gain freedom from the fear of terrorists. The exact cause of each war can sometimes be difficult if not impossible to explain with precise straightforward explanations. But a common thread that ties each war together and compels men and women to give their all is the cause of freedom. The freedom you enjoy today came at great cost and much blood has been spilled in order to preserve it. Our program this year highlights a few of those wars that impacted our nation and seeks to remind you of The Cost of Freedom. It is our wish to pay tribute to those who sacrificed so much for us in service to our country. But, our primary objective is to recognize that we as Christians fight a battle with Satan and his evil attacks every day; however, we can rejoice in the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ has won the war for us. Through His supreme sacrifice He has bought and paid for us to have the ULTIMATE freedom.

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