Our Next Event

Hampton Baptist Church

March 31,2019, 6:00PM

"Broken Vessels"

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The Third Promise

The Third Promise

Join Generation Excellent this Christmas season as we look at the promise of Christmas in a new light, exploring how the covenant God made with Abraham was fulfilled in the incarnation of God Himself.

Link: Click Here to learn more!

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The People

The People

Generation Excellent is a music/drama group committed to the ministry of sharing Christ with others. We strive not only provide powerful and worshipful messages, but also programs which are high quality. It is our belief that God gives each of us talents and abilities and He deserves nothing but the absolute best from us.

This is our goal for each and every performance. It is our desire to bring a level of professionalism which honors our Lord and Savior. No matter the audience, we strive to give each performance our all. Whether we perform for 10 or 1,000, each audience is precious to us and deserves the best.

Psalms 112:2 "His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed."

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